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L i n k s

M e d i a   L i n k s 

>> Hearing the Past, BBC Radio 4, 2011
>> I Hear Too podcast - Podcast about the I Hear Too project, 2009
>> Aerial Stories: notes about gravity, bodies and the view out of the window - Downloadable Diffusion e-book 2005
>> First Artists Airshow - Video footage, Arts Catalyst 2004
>> Home page on spacearts.info - The Space Arts Database
>> The interview with Robert Worby (from Radio 3) commissioned by Sonic Arts Network in 2007 is archived on the Contest Behaviour audio page
>> thanks to Robert Worby
>> Interview with Paul Virilio

A r t i s t s / w r i t e r s 

>> Angus Boulton
>> David Chapman
>> John Levack Drever
>> Gair Dunlop
>> Stephen Felmingham
>> Michael Gallagher
>> Jacob Kirkegaard
>> Christina Kubisch
>> Yannis Kyriakides
>> Rona Lee
>> Duncan McLaren
>> Kathrine Sandys
>> David Toop
>> Laurel Woodcock
>> Robert Worby
>> Alexa Wright

O r g a n i s a t i o n s 

>> Arts Catalyst
>> Beacon Art Project
>> Sound and Music
>> Tuned City
>> University of Derby
>> University of Leeds
>> Land2

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