Louise K Wilson
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P r o j e c t   D e t a i l  :  A T C   B a b e l 




ATC Babel | 2006-7

Duration: 01'00

An audio work that encapsulates an interest in the sudden cessation of 'process' and event in archival remains. It consists of all the stored Air Traffic Control communication from the Disbandment Parade Day at the now-disused RAF Coltishall, Norfolk. Seventeen channels of recorded speech were digitally layered together to produce a single track of sound. All the silences (so-called 'dead air') were edited out and this archive reduced to a single thread. The audio was not equalized. With layering of the crackling mediated voices, though specificity is largely erased, snatches of legible speech and parade ambience are occasionally audible.

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