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Audio: 01'Black Beacon Receiver mix': mixed-down version of the seven soundscapes produced for 'Black Beacon Receiver' 5'46

Audio: 02'Come Sable Night': sampled extracts of this madrigal performed by Exmoor Singers in the Control Room, with additional convolved reverb of the Control Room 1'00

Audio: 03'Weep O Mine Eyes': Solo female singer (Claire Fletcher, Exmoor Singers) singing in the centrifuge pit of Lab 6 2'50

Audio: 04'Weep O Mine Eyes': Exmoor Singers performing in the centrifuge pit of Lab 6 4'02

Audio: 05'U amplified choir. sine oscillator': a specially composed piece by Yannis Kyriakides for Exmoor Singers, made for temporary installation in Lab 5 (pagoda) 7'20

Audio: 06'Airborne Trial' (extract), with John Levack Drever. Hand bell recordings of Brian Whiting (from the Suffolk Guild of Ringers) made on the roof of the Bomb Ballistic Building, in the Control Room and Lab 6 3'10

Audio: 07'Centrifuge mix': Recordings of the working centrifuge at AWE Aldermaston (previously in use at AWRE Orfordness), temporarily installed in Lab 2 11'40

Audio: 08Soundfield recording of centrifuge recording in situ in Lab 2(stereo mix)

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