Louise K Wilson
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P r o j e c t   D e t a i l  :  T e r r a   F i r m a 


Terra Firma | 1996

An installation for the centre court of the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull as part of Hull Time Based Art's ROOT 96.

'Terra Firma' was a re-worked and expanded version of 'Abulia' (1996).

The installation included motion sickness video footage (from an experiment at McGill University, Canada, in which I had participated), observed from the top of a steep staircase. The video signal alternated approximately every second between the two sets by means of a switching mechanism. The audio track (instructions and sound cues given by the experimenter) similarly alternated between the right/ left channels on the headphones. Therefore in order to view the video documentation, the viewer had to undertake similar self-generated movements. The viewer was monitored by CCTV with the monitor at the base of the stage. In addition, a small monitor showed video documentation (obtained from NASA) of astronauts undertaking the same motion sickness study on the Space Shuttle earlier that year.

The piece was modified and re-presented at Crafting Space in Amsterdam. 

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