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P r o j e c t   D e t a i l  :  H o r a r i u m 




Horarium | 2012

An installation for the Greyfriars Building, Lincoln as part of Mistaken Presence, 2012-12.

Six people spent 24 hours living in the Greyfriars Building (one of the earliest surviving Franciscan friary churches in Europe) from 5am on Saturday September 29, 2012. During this 24 hour period, they observed a modified monastic horarium (daily schedule) with specified times assigned for silence/ listening, sound recording, reading, discussion, sleeping and eating. The design of this event was informed by the input of two scientists/designers involved in studying the effects of long duration space flight.

The resulting recordings were then used to produce a sound installation that was played back within the Greyfriars Building.

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