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P r o j e c t   D e t a i l  :  A f t e r   H o p p n e r   a f t e r   R e y n o l d s 




After Hoppner after Reynolds | 2012

An installed sound work for the Guildhall, York - made with Duncan McLaren. This was a one-off evening event as part of DAFX12 (19th September 2012).

The opulent State Room in the Mansion House contains eight full-length portraits of local and national political figures (three Kings, one Prime Minister and four men who were both Lord Mayors and Parliamentary Members for York). They are historically embedded in the history of the City and have long been pictorially embedded in the green-ness of this room. This sound installation - made with writer Duncan McLaren - features the mediating presence of a tour guide who has become fixated with one of these portraits. His austere and authoritative voice issues unseen from the elevated minstrels' gallery. His lucid and relentless analysis is underscored by a more personal, teasing voice - not without its own abject authority - which emanates from a speaker closer to the ground. In a city inhabited by mute living statues (whose street 'performances' are often visible from the State Room windows), this invisible but audible presence haunts the Mansion House.
Many thanks to John Galvin, Mansion House guide and ex-Lord Mayor of York.



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