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14-18 Now Proposal |

(Image: Dew Pond at Ditchling Beacon, facing south to the coast)

In World War 1 if you stood on the Sussex Downs, you could sometimes hear the guns from France. This site-specific outdoor performance, and accompanying sound-work, contrasts the noise of  the frontline with the silence of those left behind - evoking events just beyond the ear and just beyond memory.


'The intangibility of sound is uncanny' a phenomenal presence in the head, at its point of source and all around - so never entirely distinct from auditory hallucinations. The close listener is like a medium who draws out substance from that which is not entirely there. Listening, after all, is always a form of eavesdropping' from Sinister Resonance (2010) by David Toop

"....wind is the most elemental of all phenomena and the most primeval sonic stuff. Wind is powerful, invisible and ever-changing. To focus on it is to transcend the limits of our ordinary ontology, composed as it is of relatively stable visible objects. For wind is pure becoming, pure flow. It is immemorial, but never the same. And it is nothing but the play of differential forces, differences in air pressure and temperature that generate immense currents, fronts and bursts across the surface of the earth phenomena that are contracted by our ears (and by the microphone membrane) as sound. " from Sound Art and the Sonic Unconscious by Christoph Cox, Organised Sound 14, no. 1 (2009)

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