Louise K Wilson
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P r o j e c t   D e t a i l  :  7 2   H o u r s   C h t h o n i c   -   B e l o w   E a r t h   D a y 




72 Hours Chthonic - Below Earth Day | 2017

Image credit: Nat Wilkins

In April 2017, three artists and an engineer spent three days and three nights living underground in a disused lead mine in the North Pennines. The four (Alan Smith, John Bowers, Peter Matthews and Louise K Wilson) were challenged with existing in this extreme environment within this designated time. They would remain there together, before audiences journeyed in to meet them on the last day.  

During this relatively brief period, the participants noted how perceptions were quickly conditioned and effected by living in the dark-depleted environment: their dreams became vivid, and auditory and visual hallucinations were experienced. The experience was made audible in a range of individual and collaborative expressions including field recordings and videos, live improvised performances and in the production of written and visual documentation (including journals and drawings).

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