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Soundtracking | 2019

A performance work made with Michal Kindernay as part of Meetings Festival, West Jutland, Denmark, 2019.

"S-ound TR-acking:
The beginning of The Meetings : Jutland International Video + Performance Festival 2019 in Denmark, was issued into play by artists Louise K. Wilson (UK) and Michal Kindernay (CZ), with an outdoor experiential immersion into what lies between our fundamental relationship to landscape, and our potential ancestral fear of it.   The two collaborators had done research a year ago around the Fjords and met the community who live in this part of the world.  They listened and watched...

This part of Denmark's high West coast, where the North Sea holds nothing back, is a fairy tale of tangled hearty trees that have been contorted by constant wind into witches hands.  The thorny wild rose bushes compete with the sting of sea salt and grit of constantly moving sand, swept off the dunes, threatening to bury roads, trails and erase one's way home.  

Into this outdoor windy sensory emptiness, the artists have strung wires that are played by invisible hands.  The whine and singe of the Siren's high-pitched song, draws you closer and closer, as if to whisper her secret in your ear.   Resonating between your heartbeat and long breaths, the voices of Night are coming on, and with their calling, birds are seeking shelter, insects are hiding under leaves, and the edge of darkness seeps into the corners of one's vision, as shadowy figures appear atop the dunes.  The artists are hidden too.  Anonymous.   Invisible.  

Silhouettes of figures waving what could be sticks, signals a vulnerability in the soul.  Weapons or extinguished torches?  Friend or foe?  The howl of their voices suggests the inhuman, and the harmony of sound gathered by wind, the crashing unseen sea over the dune, and the stillness, the stillness... makes you feel as if you are present - but all alone in this forgotten place, and all you are hearing and seeing are apparitions in your imagination.  An ancient dream world.
The enveloping dark.  The dissolve of the stark figures walking by you, silent now.  The remaining vibrations of wires singing to the arms of the shifting sand.  All these conspire to connect you with something lost.  Something primal and instinctual where your sight, hearing, and the hair on your arm stands up.   The reality of where we came from before we became human."
-- Derek Michael Besant RCA

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