Louise K Wilson
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Seeing Systems Screening | 2018

Nurrungar and Woomera are two companion films: the former explores a disused satellite station in the South Australian desert, about 15 km south of the town of Woomera, which was once of critical importance to America's defences during the Cold War.

"Inside the listening station, sounds reverberate and space is abstracted. The abandoned building is in a state of disrepair but reminds us how 'listening' was used as military defense. A sound is momentarily recognisable but then quickly layered with reverberation and echoes until it became unfamiliar and strange. It seems that in the efforts to uncover and understand the enemy, we might also distort and exaggerate the threat of others"

A project by ArtScience Museum and videoclub - co-produced by This is Wyld
3 - 31 August + special events 16 and 18 August • Singapore

Seeing Systems is a new curated programme exploring some of the organic and non-organic systems that invisibly impact on our lives. Through a series of short but impactful art films, this programme visualises the patterns, structures and habits that surround us in our everyday lives; from the ubiquitous flight path of mosquitos or the neurological grid of perception to almost superstitious paranoia surrounding invisible transmission of germs and viruses between us or the oblique tracks of migration and dispersal, belonging and difference.

This collection of moving image works by UK-based artists has been curated and presented in collaboration with the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, and will be presented at their venue during August 2018.Artists in the programme include: boredomresearch, Suki Chan, Anne Haaning, Lyndsay Mann, Ursula Mayer, Naheed Raza and Louise K Wilson.

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