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2017, March 2018 - In the Ruins of the Cold War Bunker

Re-sounding Falkland, May 2011 - This publication explores the process behind the collaborative sound art project (with David Chapman) which focused on the Falkland Estate (and Falkland Palace) in Fife, Scotland, and was realised in May 2010. It includes commissioned essays by David Jones, Christopher Woodward, Damien Murphy and Eric Laurier. 

Contemporary Archaeologies, April 2009 - Notes on a Record of Fear: On the Threshold of the Audible in Contemporary Archaeologies: Excavating Now (Peter Lang, Frankfurt 2009) Holtorf, Cornelius & Piccini, Angela (eds) 

Related Project

Leonardo Music Journal, Vol.16, 2006, 2006 - Notes on A Record of Fear: On the Threshold of the Audible

Conflict Archaeology, July 2005 - Download

Zero Gravity: A Cultural User's Guide, June 2005 - Inclusion of A Partial History of Parabolic Flight (& of feeling sick) - zero gravity 'timeline pages' and documentation of participation in MIR Flight 001
Published by Arts Catalyst, edited by Nicola Triscott & Rob La Frenais

Related Project

Private Views: Artists Working Today, June 2004 - Inclusion of commissioned essay Perpetual Motion: Nomadic Artists-in-Residence Between and Without Residencies
Published by Serpent's Tail Publishers, edited by Judith Palme

Angelaki: The Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, June 1999 - Cover artwork, end icons and photo text piece Stories from the Research Labs for Machinic Modulations in Angelaki, 4:2 1999

Public, No. 13, June 1996 - The Electronic Caress: notes from an unconscious subject in the Touch and Contemporary Art issue of Public, No. 13 (Toronto) edited by David Tomas

CTheory (Electronic Review of Books: Montreal), 1994 - Cyberwar, God and Television: Interview with Paul Virilio
Reprinted in:

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